Where I eat

posted on: Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Halcyon House at Cabarita Beach

Chez Panisse outside San Fransisco

Street cooking style in Hanoi

Having written this blog for two years, then sort of stopped as I got over it, I still always get asked for my suggestions for new/good places to eat. And though I'm always happy to provide an answer, I still can't really put my finger on what it is that makes somewhere actually brilliant. For me it really is just a feeling. But generally my feeling tends to be right (IMHO ;). Here they are all together.

Please note I've been to a hell of a lot of places since I started this blog in June 2013 (and let's be honest, a whole lot of places before). And there are many, many good places to eat and drink around the world. These are the ones I will always go to and recommend without hesitation; my absolute personal favourites.

Trending...Roll your own

posted on: Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Schnitzer Campo oat roller

Oats a la myself, with a side of tarragon and psychedelic tablecloth

Joost Bakker (image: Peter Barrett) with a hilarious note on his hand

When inimitable no-waste guru/foodie/florist Joost Bakker was recently interviewed for The Australian Magazine, he mentioned that he loves his Schnitzer oat roller so much that he even travels with it. What?! But as a recent owner of my own oat roller, I'm noticing the beginnings of a roll your own craze.

New York's Finest Coffee

posted on: Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Put a smile on your dial: hot coffee in freezing New York snow

The Daily Morag (aka my sister) was just on assignment at New York Fashion Week taking street style snaps of the likes of Olivia Palermo, Zanita WhittingtonLouise Roe and Gigi Hadid. No big deal... Whatever. But when temperatures dropped below freezing to -16C this gal's survival instincts kicked in and she quickly forgot fashion in favour of finding a toasty cup of joe. Luckily for us, TDM turned her lens to some of New York's finest fashion week cawfee stops. Here's her edit. Thanks chick! Over to you...

Thank you berry much, Robert Pekin!

posted on: Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rye and yoghurt pancakes starring berries that were fresh and delicious

This time last week I was sitting at the Food Connect 10th Birthday media breakfast at Merriweather Cafe. I was eating delicious rye and yoghurt pancakes with berries. Yes, berries. And the fact that I didn't need to race off to get a Hep-A test unlike the unlucky people caught up in the Nanna's Mixed Frozen Berry scandal was just another reason to say thank you to Robert Pekin, the energetic founder of Food Connect.* 

Trending...Colours of Nature

posted on: Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ah-maize-ing corn colours

I've been getting a bit experimental at Salisbury Grange (aka my garden). And the most surprising result of late is the most amazing maize that has produced cherry red, maroon, deep purple and sunflower yellow kernels! You can't beat nature for spectacular hues and colour combinations. I've spied some equally sensational colours from Mother Nature's palette on Instagram from inventive growers around Australia and the US. A huge thanks to the king of colour, Mr Rudy Bell, for inspiring the descriptions below!

The Violet Bakery Cookbook

posted on: Saturday, 17 January 2015

One of my all-time favourite interviews on this blog was with the gorgeous Claire Ptak in East London. And while I am more than devastated that Claire's Violet Cakes is no longer a short walk away, the great news is that she has created her first ever cookbook! Claire is a star in London for her delicious experiments with unusual organic flours including kamut and rye, spices and seasonal fruit, along with her beautiful styling. Jamie's a fan, Alice is a fan and I am sure there is nothing else like it on the market. 

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