Osteria dell'orsa, Bologna

posted on: Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bolognaise pasta from...Bologna

I wish I had done a gap year in Italy when I was a student, so I could learn to speak rapid Italian with crazy hand gestures.

And if I had, I would have done it in Bologna and worked at Osteria dell'orsa the most fabulous, frenetic authentic pasta joint in the university area of the city.

It's the only place that has ever matched what I had imagined Italian pasta places to be like: raucous and loud with fever pitch Italian chatter, a fast kitchen churning out bowl after bowl of house-made pasta, and staff rushing around serving the throngs of locals, then walking outside to furiously smoke cigarettes and make jokes.

Incidentally, all of the staff, both male and female, at Osteria dell-orsa are incredibly, stunningly good looking without exception. And that's how I would describe the service, incredibly, stunningly good without exception.

I was served within about twenty seconds of being seated at the long communal tables, even though the place was completely bursting with customers. Five minutes later, a steaming bowl of pasta was plonked in front of me.

Obviously I had to get the bolognaise. Though here they call it ragu tagliatelle. And yes, mama mia, molte bene etc etc it was beyond good!

Revered Italian poet Dante's most famous work plots his journey through hell, purgatory and finally heaven. But if you're visiting Italy, there's no need to endure hell or purgatory, take a train ride to Bologna and go straight to pasta heaven.

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