Food Fatigue

posted on: Monday, 17 June 2013

A simple home-cooked mushroom dish

Lunch gathered from Broadway Market in East London

                                                    Sportswear and flowers: my outfit appealed to a street style photographer

There comes a time during extended travel where you just cannot eat out ANY MORE. As a huge lover of trying out new places, I am always surprised when this happens.

So for the last few days I have been assembling a few simple home-cooked meals until the food fatigue is over.

To get some supplies my sister and I visited Broadway Market: a street in East London that becomes an exceptional fresh food market every Saturday.

We came away with Chegworth Valley elderflower juice, fresh goats cheese and membrillo from a guy from Andalucia, along with portobello mushrooms and figs from a farm down the road. The array of high quality offerings at the market is an eye opener. Apart from the fresh food there's also break dancers, musicians and stellar people watching opportunities.

Speaking of people watching, someone was apparently watching me. Hilariously, I got asked to have my photo taken for Spanish photographer Carlos Alba's street style blog.

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