French flowers

posted on: Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A flower feature wall in Le Marais district

Classic red flowers on a windowsill

A street side flower shop where all the roses smelled amazing

The Chocolate Chaud at Angelina's

We took a walk through Le Marais district in Paris to go to Angelina's: home of the oldest and richest hot chocolate in Paris. And I expected this post to comment on that.

But something else kept catching my eye instead: the array of stunning flowers all over Paris. They are in the typical windowsill pots outside apartments, but also in huge arrangements in cafes and in feature walls.

One of my hugest gripes in Brisbane is that it is almost impossible to buy flowers that haven't been mass produced. I have no need for roses that look perfect, but smell like nothing. The very best thing is that the flowers here are real and smell wonderful.

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