Balik Grilled Fish, Istanbul

posted on: Monday, 10 June 2013

Istanbul's famous Balik: fresh grilled fish, lettuce and onion on a crunchy baguette

Cool home made limoncello 

The sparkling Bosphorus where the fish is caught

We were told that we must sit under one of Istanbul's bridges and try their fish.

It sounded a bit weird, but when we arrived at Galata bridge with approximately five thousand other people, we realised this really is the popular thing.

There is a funny ritual of how 'Balik' or grilled fish burgers get to you: the fish is literally caught in front of you in the Bosphorus, grilled on a boat and people line up on the bank and the servers literally pass the burgers off the bobbing boat to the people on shore.

Traditionally people drink ice cold Limoncello with it. Super fresh and delicious!

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