Paris' Hipster Hangouts

posted on: Monday, 7 April 2014

Tuck Shop and Bob's Juice Bar on Rue Sampaix

The famous green juice from Bob's Juice Bar

Tuckshop-style tapas from Rosa Bonheur

Paris, as seen from the Buttes-Chamont Park

If you need a break from Michelin starred restaurants and Cordon Bleu cooking, make like a Bo-Bo (Bourgeois-Bohemian) and get into Paris' hipster food scene. Paris currently offers a number of hangouts that would attract any East End hipster and Rue Sampaix in 10th arrondissement has a couple of the best.

The star of the Sampaix's lineup is Bob's Juice Bar, home of Bob's famous green 'cold press' juice of spinach, cucumber, apple and ginger. Perfect for a hangover cure, it actually tastes good as well as making you feel healthier with every sip which is probably why they sell hundreds of bottles each day. Next door is Tuck Shop which has great coffee, interiors and carrot cake.

A little further east in the 19th is the Buttes-Chamont Park which has unrivalled views over Paris. It also has the Rosa Bonheur Bar and Cafe where all the local creatives come to discuss their current projects and be seen in the outside bar overlooking the park.

Along with a playful drinks list, Rosa Bonheur serves tapas on kitsch tuckshop-style boards. It's simple, but good quality. I had Iberian jamon, manchego cheese, quince paste, real butter and crusty sourdough bread.

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