The worst thing about travel

posted on: Sunday, 9 June 2013

The sensational latte at KronoTrop in Istanbul

Turkish coffee

Loving Istanbul's Blue Mosque, but feeling a little hungry.

The worst thing about travel, hands down, is tourist trap restaurants. I would rather starve than eat a restaurant that has a host out the front hassling you to come in, dodgy versions of local 'cuisine' for trumped up prices.

We are in Istanbul at the moment and I'm finding it very difficult indeed to find an authentic restaurant amidst the out-and-out tourist traps, and the well-disguised tourist traps.

One plus so far in Istanbul is that they do drinks very well. We found an excellent espresso KronoTrop which has been a saviour.

Now the hunt is on to track down an excellent local restaurant: I'm hungry!

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