A cup of Climpson & Sons

posted on: Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Inside Climpson & Sons cafe in London

Best. Latte. Ever.

Climpson & Sons, and locals

Reading Comfort Me With Apples, again

I've already put it out there that the worst thing about travel is tourist trap restaurants. But the best thing? It has to be having endless time for reading. At airports, on the tube, on planes and in transit.

The more I read, the more I love it. Which can be said of drinking coffee: the more I drink it, the more I love it. And get more addicted, I guess.

For double brilliance, I have merged my daily reading with my daily coffee. This has extended to about an hour each morning and I could not be enjoying it more.

Despite infinite cafe options in London, I go to Climpson & Sons every single day. It is simply the best coffee I have ever had. They have the perfect coffee to froth to milk ratio. Yes, this is important.

I'm not as selective with my reading. So far I've read:

Dan Brown's Inferno - the ultimate airport read, but also very useful as inspiration for going to Florence where the action is set.

JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - my pick of the whole series. JK is a genius.

Stella Newman's Leftovers - a young London advertising exec quits her job to start a food blog. Sounds familiar.

Ruth Reichl's Comfort Me With Apples - this book has somehow made it into my carry-on luggage every time I have travelled in the last five years. It follows Ruth's ascent from Berkeley cook to New York Times food critic and makes you think about tasting everything.

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