Foreign Correspondents: Fergus Grealy and Victoria Chalmers

posted on: Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Introducing the new Food Style correspondents

Gus's pick: Banh Mi and Soda Chanh at Cafe O Mai in Brisbane

Vic's pick: Workshop Espresso in Sydney

While I've been away in the UK and Europe, it appears that I've been missing some exciting new developments in Australia. Brisbane has a new paleo cafe that I need to hear more about, and Sydney has passed a new law which has seen the creation of numerous new small bars. So I've gone and got myself some foreign correspondents to keep me in the loop. 

Brisbane Correspondent Gus has a number of stellar credentials apart from being my darling brother. He is without fail always the first to know about about what's trending. And Sydney Correspondent, Victoria, has a hilarious perspective all her own, and despite her frugal Scottish heritage, is all over the Sydney cocktail scene.

Over scrambled eggs at Bill's in Darlinghurst, the new recruits quizzed each other on the Food Style Q&A. Check out their thoughts below and look out for their guide to Sydney's best small bars which is coming up soon. Gracias Gus and Vic!

Best coffee and tea?
Gus: Vietnamese iced coffee from Café O Mai and French Earl Grey tea from Queenie’s Tea House
Vic: I only do coffee. Brisbane = Hard Coffee Sydney = Workshop Espresso

What exercise do you do?
G: I'm trying to persevere with swimming during the winter months and I have recently taken up tennis again.
V: I’m a recent convert to reformer Pilates. I also walk – a lot – as I have been car-less whilst in Sydney, and prone to getting lost.

Favourite place/city?
G: I went to Japan earlier this year and loved the clash of tradition with the contemporary in Tokyo.
V: After living out of a suitcase for almost a year, my favourite place is my own bed. Also, Hong Kong for the markets and the hustle and bustle. Glasgow for the people and Fratelli Sarti.

Style icons?
G: Kim Deal from The Breeders makes slobbiness look so appealing.
V: I love celebrity gossip, but for reasons other than getting style tips. Usually the reverse.

Favourite place to eat in Brisbane? In Sydney?
G: I’m going to have to name check Café O Mai again, because any time I feel like eating out in Brisbane I automatically think of their delicious Bánh mì. In Sydney, Bodega is always a winner.

V: Being Scottish, I am quite ‘sensible’ with my money so don’t eat out all that often, only really for special occasions. Brisbane = Gusto da Gianni and in Sydney it's Golden Century.

Favourite flowers?
G: Pink camelias from my granny’s garden, or white ones from Chanel ;)
V: In another nod to my Scottish heritage, I’ll say the thistle. (Award for most unexpected answer ever! - Phoebe)

What is your guilty wardrobe secret?
G: Puma grey marle trackpants with elasticised cuffs.
V: Minnie Mouse pyjamas.

What is your guilty pantry secret?
G: Heinz tomato ketchup. I could have it on anything, but try to restrain myself.
V: Chocolate. I am an addict.

Where would I find you hanging out in Brisbane? Sydney?
G: Great cafes, bars and homewares stores in East Brisbane. I always enjoyed hanging out in Coogee when I visited my sister in Sydney, before she became a celebrated blogger in London ;)
V: At Cineplex Cinemas in Brisbane or spending my hard-earned dollars at the Pitt Street Mall.

Cat or dog. And what type?
G: Both! Friends of mine have beautiful Tonkinese cats and another has an adorable greyhound.  
V: Dog. I had a cocker spaniel named Bogie (named after Humphrey Bogart) whilst growing up.

Must have interiors item at home?
G: I'm a minimalist. I have been accused of having a 'jail-cell-esque' aesthetic.
V: Any household item that has polka dots on it is a must for me.

Can you cook?
G: I prefer to do the eating, thanks.
V: Yes, but I prefer to bake. Mainly because it is more of an exact science than cooking. I like to follow rules.

What blogs do you follow?
G: I wish my life seemed as appealing as Ebony Bizys’ Hello Sandwich or Sarah McNeil’s Everything.
V:  Food*Style and The Daily Rag, natch! I was recently introduced to ‘Look mum I’m a lawyer and ‘shitjudgessay’. Nerdy but hilarious.

Which is your favourite Food Style post?
G: Paris’Hipster Hangouts: I want to be there right now!
V: London’s Iron Curtain - the food looks amaz.

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