Wilton Way, East London

posted on: Sunday, 28 July 2013

The open kitchen at Violet

Ham and comte cheese tart at Violet with 'that' crust

Out the front of The Wilton Way Cafe - the London Fields radio studio is inside

The lovely Claire speaking with customers at Mayfields on Wilton Way

Sole with citrus butter at Mayfields

As many of my London posts have attested I think that, food-wise, East London and Broadway Market in particular is where it's at. I'm talking about my favourites Climpson & Sons, Isle of Olive, the Broadway Markets and La Bouche.

You cannot beat Broadway Market for sheer volume of delicious within a one mile radius. And I haven't even mentioned all of the amazing places there like Fin & Flounder the ultimate boutique fresh fish store or Off Broadway one of the best cocktail makers in town and a Keira Knightley hangout.

But that was until I found what I think of as off-Broadway: Wilton Way, a mere wander through London Fields park from Broadway Market and with all the fab quality of independent winners there, but a little more relaxed, charming and a little less dense with hipsters.

For an excellent brunch let me introduce The Wilton Way Cafe. This is one of the few places in London that has bacon on the breakfast menu rather than the sausage and beans favoured by the English. I adore their BLAT on sourdough. As an added bonus, they also double as the studio for the London Fields radio station complete with microphone, sound booth and quality 90s music.

For a divine cake and tea just venture a little further up Wilton Way to Violet owned by a former Chez Panisse pastry cook. As I mentioned in My Food Style, nothing can top Chez Panisse for me, so I knew I would most likely fall in love with Violet. The team cooks on a long table in the middle of the store and there are foraged flowers everywhere. I had the ham and comte cheese quiche with a salad. Believe me, you'll immediately know you're having freshly handmade pastry if you taste this - utterly unbelievable. I'm also a fan of their teas. They have a range of quality options of buckwheat, oolong, and earl grey to complement the simple but rich fare.

For the final act, Mayfields which opened two months ago, is worth a visit. They change the menu daily to reflect the produce they get in on the day. A lot of the dishes are great for sharing and we had sole with citrus butter, smoked mackerel and egg, and octopus with broccoli in a dashi broth. The desserts were divine especially the chocolate and olive mousse. I must make mention of owner and host Claire who is so lovely and makes you feel so welcome.

So while you're always assured quality on Broadway (Market), these three gems make a trip to off-Broadway well worth the visit.

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