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posted on: Sunday, 7 July 2013

Morag looking fab in London's Hyde Park

Nikes are where it's at in London

Morag with Vogue Australia's Christine Centenera aka her style icon

It has come to my attention that for the last month this blog could probably just be called Food. 

With that in mind I've decided to inject some Style into things with a new Sunday style profile. To kick off: Morag Grealy is not only my sister, but also directs social media for New Look in London and has a hilarious fashion blog called The Daily Rag.

For full disclosure, I had to buy her dinner and she was a bit of a diva, but she is all over what's going on style-wise in London at the moment and had a crack at the first Food Style Q&A. Merci Morag x

What is stylish in London right now?
Sneakers. You can wear them to work and out at night without a worry. Also cycling is huge here so sneakers work with that and most people do a lot more walking than at home, because everyone walks to the tube, so they're awesome for that too. Nike is ridiculously huge at the moment.

You've recently moved from Brisbane to London. What are the main style differences? 
There's no summer dressing in London. No kaftans or summer dresses. It's usually too cold! It's a big difference to Brisbane where you can kick around in this sort of thing for half of the year.

What are the easiest ways to update your style/become more stylish?
Add accessories to everything to give it your own twist. You shouldn't just wear something straight off the rack. Especially in London, heaps of girls buy the same clothes from the key high street stores (chain stores). If you do this, you need to personalise your outfit with accessories: a bandana, rings, a beanie, necklaces or cuffs. You can usually personalise a look without too much expense.

I love your blog, obviously. What's coming up on it?
Sneakers! I'm looking for the perfect new pair and I'm checking out all the options right now. And DIY. When the budget is a little tight you need to get creative.

The Food Style Q&A

Best coffee and tea? 
I love cappuccinos and peppermint tea.

What exercise do you do? 
Rollerblading! And boxing. 

Favourite place/city?
Los Angeles.

Style icons?
Christine Centenera, Kate Moss and Carine Roitfield. (A week after I posted this, Morag met Christine Centenera in Shoreditch, purely by chance! - Phoebe)

Favourite place to eat in Brisbane? In London?
Cafe Bouquiniste in Brisbane. Bistrotheque in London.

Favourite flowers?
Peonies and hydrangeas.

What is your guilty wardrobe secret?
A huge, comfortable grey marle jumper from Lake Tahoe.

What is your guilty pantry secret?
Baked beans...and a lot of things.

Where would I find you hanging out in London?
London Fields park.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs, but I don't hate cats.

Must have interiors item at home?
Woven baskets.

Can you cook?
No, I suck.

Favourite blogs?
Food Style, obviously. Christine Centenera. The Little Sage.

Oh really?! Which is your favourite Food Style post?

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