Khanom Krok, The Veggie Table and Pie Minister

posted on: Friday, 5 July 2013

Pie Minister Pies from the London Borough Market

The Vegie Table's haloumi burger

Outrageously good coconut pancakes from Khanom Krok

The Borough Market entrance

The problem with London's Borough Market is that there's too much choice and unfortunately only so much that one person can eat. With competition fierce, it seems little food companies are getting clever with their marketing. Or should I say getting punny?

While not as amusing as current Australian politics, the name Pie Minister made me giggle. Resultingly, it got my vote for a lunch option on what was a cold and rainy London summer day. It was delicious in every way that a combination of homemade pastry, gravy and steak can be. And my Bristolian lunch buddy reminded me that it's a Bristol-based company. Meaning, obviously, as I posted about last week, if it's from England's West Country it's the best.

The Vegie Table is not only a cute company name, but does a sensational haloumi and beetroot burger on a bed of lettuce or a salad, making them not only delicious, but guilt free. Forgoing the carbs here also conveniently frees up stomach space for other things.

And by other things I very much mean the sensational coconut pancakes from Khanom Krok. So, um, this doesn't seem to be a pun in Thai, more the actual name of the dessert, but don't let that stop you. It is definitely the most interesting dish I have tried all year. If you can't make it to the Borough Market, here is the recipe.

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