posted on: Friday, 9 August 2013

Bye London!

You rock!

Meet again soon!

Phoebe xx

It is my last day in London, a city I have come to adore over the last month. Some highlights include being water bombed by 11-year-old boys in Victoria Park (they did actually ask permission first!), helping a 96-year-old man home with his groceries and finding out he lived in a unit up six whole flight of stairs (amazing!) and having a Mr Jamie Oliver like my interview with Claire Ptak on Facebook (unbelievable!).

In honour of moving on I thought I should find the answer to a question I've had since I first arrived in June: what are all those graffiti letters on the shop shutters in East London?

Turns out that Barack Obama knows the answer to that. They are the graffiti art of Ben Eine and British PM David Cameron gave one his works to Obama as a gift!

There's a whole alphabet of letters all over London and the ones photographed are on my sister's very own street. So cool. Bye London! And an extra special shout out to The Daily Morag for hosting me so wonderfully during my stay xx

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