Alice Waters in Lucky Peach

posted on: Friday, 27 September 2013

The brilliant Alice Waters profile inside Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach: one of their two covers for The Gender Issue

Everywhere I look, there is Lucky Peach magazine. On instagram, at Avid Reader and then at my favourite coffee stop, Scout, in Paddington. And I'm so glad it came to my attention. 

Founded by Momofuku's David Chang, the San Francisco-based quarterly food journal is one of the cleverest takes on food out there. It also has the best illustration and cheeky cover art in the business. Take the current cover designs: one side is the 'women's cover' replete with suggestive fruit imagery; flip over for the men's where phallic vegetables abound.

In the women's part of this edition, David Prior speaks candidly with Alice Waters about food politics, edible education in America and the creative strategies she uses to keep her amazing restaurant relevant. She is absolutely inspiring.

Not to be outdone, in the men's half of the edition, Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ying, speaks with Ben Shewry of Melbourne's Attica about how he recalibrated his whole way of working for the better. A depth and honesty hard to come by. It's worth the magazine for these two stories alone.

Get your copy soon or visit Scout to check out theirs!

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