Pandelyssi Halloumi, Brisbane

posted on: Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pandelyssi Haloumi Heaven

Brisbane's cutest cheese-makers at work: Pantelis, Oliver, Alex and Anthony

Just made haloumi

Pandelyssi in Brisbane's Holland Park

When a friend mentioned that he buys the best haloumi in Brisbane by rocking up to this family's house in Holland Park, I was incredulous. What?! Someone in the Brisbane suburbs is turning out traditional handmade haloumi? I had to go and check it out for myself.

When I visited I encountered the most unexpected home run business, Pandelyssi. The owner Pantelis never stopped smiling and along with his son, Anthony, they turn out halloumi, ricotta and feta that is used in many Brisbane restaurants and exported around Australia. Anthony is only 18 years old, but has known how to make the family's cheese recipes since he was nine! Assisting are two Brits, Oliver and Alex, and all the making, maturing and packaging gets done on site.

There were rows of cheese everywhere in the dairy they have set up next to their house, but Pantelis selected a recently matured haloumi with mint for me to try. It was as mouth-wateringly good as you'd expect it to be, considering all the recipes have been handed down by his mother Patricia, who learnt the recipes from her grandmother in Cyprus.

There was one thing I was curious about though: is Anthony sick of eating cheese? He says even when he goes out to Brisbane restaurants he often orders Pandelyssi haloumi! I guess that's a no, then. If you happen to be in Brisbane, I strongly recommend you pay a visit to their equivalent of a cellar-door, and as my friend recommended to me, make sure you give yourself enough time so you can also have a chat!

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