I 'Quit' Sugar

posted on: Friday, 11 October 2013

Sugar, chocolate, icing: all the food groups (kidding, obvs)

A while back I wrote about how I quit sugar. I am now at my one year 'sober' anniversary. Yay! But, it hasn't always been smooth sailing. As some scientific studies have indicated, giving up sugar can be as challenging as giving up cocaine. Not being into cocaine, I can't really compare; however,  I thought it time for a little reflection.

About eight months into the no-sugar foray, at the back of my mind was a little voice saying: 'you're depriving yourself' 'you're taking the fun away from eating'. As an enthusiastic eater, that got to me. Maybe life really was a lot more fun when sugar was starring in it? I decided to give myself one week where I could eat absolutely anything I wanted - no guilt - to test it out.

Below is the diary entry I wrote at the end of the week. Let me say, I don't actually keep a diary, but the results of the week compelled me to remind myself of my state of mind after my little experiment. Here is an excerpt from what I wrote back in May when brownies, ice-cream, muffins and rich hot chocolates came back into my life:

''I spent a week eating what I thought I wanted, whenever I wanted. And the result? I've never felt sicker or more wretched, or hated food more... 

''Having the willpower to say no to desserts and morning teas all the time is so hard, but how terrible I'm feeling after eating all the foods I've supposedly been missing out on really makes me realise: I'm not missing out on anything!!! The worst part has been that I've constantly overeaten to the point that I feel physically ill. Why??? My long held theory that sweet food brings me joy is wrong. I am feeling hideously sick and out of control and balance with food...

''Now that I have observed myself I know that eating sugary food makes my body feel bad. I had a brownie with jam from the local cafe and now I'm feeling so headachy. I have swimming planned in half an hour, but I feel like 'why should I go' when I feel so sick in the stomach. Eating this way actively puts me off exercise! 

''I think my liver is probably in shock. I've got to a point where the thought of eating another muffin, brownie or croissant or cake is actually no longer enticing. This really surprises me. I really am not enjoying these foods. Don't I love these? Again, this surprises me but it's so very very clear having done this experiment with no limits. I need to form new habits and stick to them.  This week has shown me it must be done. I HAVE NEVER FELT SICKER.''

Eek! After a week of sickness in body and also, in mind, I can happily say, here's looking to many more no-sugar anniversaries! And I'm celebrating with some re-reading of the anti-sugar classics: David Gillespie, Sarah Wilson, Gary Taubes.

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