Australia's Best Real Butter

posted on: Sunday, 27 October 2013

Liquid gold

You could say I come from a long line of butter lovers. My grandma always has a tray of butter sitting out to soften in her kitchen ready for any eventuality. My grandfather's family churned butter on their Buderim farm during the depression selling what was then a real luxury to earn a little extra income. And it seems there has been a recent return to this old-style churned butter.

Lately I've noticed that a number of cafes specify the type of butter they use on their menu. Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe and Picnic in Camp Hill serve their sourdough toast with Pepe Saya butter. And I for one am really happy about this. Why? Because I fastidiously avoid margarine.

A lady I used to work with told me the tale of working in a margarine factory. Did I know that margarine is actually black? And then coloured yellow to look like butter? Uh, no, I did not. But don't just take her word for it. David Gillespie's latest book Toxic Oil does the ingredient research for you and it is chilling reading. 

But these sobering facts are not actually the reason I choose real butter. Have you ever tasted creamy, cultured butter? It's so damn awesome. My favourites are Pepe SayaB.D. Farm Paris Creek and Bangalow Cheese Co. Sourced Grocer stocks some sweet organic options, as does Rosalie Gourmet Market. I think it is worth paying that little bit extra to get the best butter you can. It makes everything taste better. As my favourite food writer, Ruth Reichl puts it, 'A world without butter is a very sad place.'

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