Tim Sharp, Judy Sharp, and Laser Beak Man

posted on: Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Laser Beak Man likes 'Picking Up Chicks', Tim Sharp likes chicken - uh oh!

The whole crew: Tim, Judy and Sam Sharp with ABC's Richard Fidler

The Barbie Queue!

Being a famous artist naturally comes with some perks. You mix with Cate Blanchett, Alex Perry buys your art, a band writes a song about you, your work is beamed onto national monuments. Sure, that's all great. But you also get offered things. Yes, this includes food.

I spent two hours lunching with Tim Sharp creator of Laser Beak Man whose art has been shown from the Brisbane Powerhouse, to the Nashville Music Festival, to the White House. And in those two hours he was 'comped' twice. That's industry speak for being given 'complimentary' goods. I watched in awe as he was offered delicious baked goods within two minutes of walking into Flour and Chocolate, a fab bakery in Morningside better known for the line up required to get their amazing donuts. For anyone wondering how it's done, it helps to be A-List, but you also need to have good manners and, let's be honest, be pretty charming.

And Tim is all these things. But it's good to know that despite his incredible achievements, and ability to be offered lovely food by lovely people, Tim hasn't gotten too fancy. Favourite foods? Chicken and chocolate. 'A lot of good things start with 'ch'!' Judy, Tim's hilarious mum quips. With a current show at Artslink Queensland and an upcoming show as part of the 2High Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse, I realise that not only does Tim's art have style, it also has food. Perfect! My favourites? The Barbie Queue, the Honeymoon, and being a tabloid-addict, Angelina Jelly, Brad Pigg and the Jelly Babies!

I've known Tim and Judy for years and the combination of Tim's creativity and Judy's vision make them a force to be reckoned with. Not least, they have built Laser Beak Man from their kitchen table to the in demand duo they are today. Last week Tim was made an Associate Artist of Artslink Queensland by the Governor, an honour extended to only seven others including Geoffrey Rush. And earlier this year Judy was the subject of Richard Fidler's Conversations on ABC Radio. Her story is so compelling that it was picked up by QANTAS and can now be heard on all flights. What can I say? They're pretty awesome.

Due to Laser Beak Man's popularity, Judy and Tim have been invited to the United States four times visiting Nashville, New York, Florida and Memphis. A great by-product of all this travel is that Judy seriously knows her 'down south' American food. 'Everyone loves a buffet!' she jokes. 'I love Marlowe's in Memphis for their fried green tomatoes and then there's the baked yams and banana pie. And you haven't lived til you've drunk moonshine from a jar!' I need to book a flight to Memphis immediately y'all.

There's been a lot of chat about Tim and Judy, but, hello, what about Laser Beak Man? 'His favourite food is pizza!' Tim advises. Phew! Despite being an international success Laser Beak Man has remained down to earth too.

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