Gluten Free Bread

posted on: Monday, 18 November 2013

The finished product, and real butter of course

In a nutshell: no eat carbs, no be fat

What's in it? Eggs, almond meal, coconut flour, apple cider vinegar, LSA...

So I've just read New York Times writer Gary Taubes' book Why We Get Fat. Far from being a diet book, this is a challenging read based on rigorous research. It's worth the read, but let me break it down very briefly. According to Mr Taubes, we get fat because we eat carbs. Simples. Any anything with fructose in it (bad sugar that our body is unable to recognise and process properly). Ultimately if you don't want to be fat, quickly say goodbye to the gluten and sugar.

As you know, I'm already well on the I Quit Sugar bandwagon. But giving up bread? Whaaaat? But as luck would have it, when I was surfing by Sarah Wilson's IQS website, they had up a gluten-free bread option. Thanks guys. So I thought why not give it a crack? The key ingredients are almond meal, a little coconut flour, LSA, eggs and coconut oil. 

It took me about five minutes to make, and instead of putting it into a bread tin, I decided to make it into muffin sized pieces. It has more of a muffin texture than traditional bread texture too, but it does satisfy if you want something to bite into at breakfast. I've got a number of gluten-intolerant friends and family members, so I will be making this recipe when I have guests too. 

Check out the recipe here!

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