Scout, Sourced Grocer, Swampdog

posted on: Monday, 11 November 2013

Inside Scout on Petrie Terrace in Brisbane

Modern Fish and Chips at Swampdog in South Brisbane

Up close with the grilled barramundi and pesto 

Sublime design in Sourced Grocer

I'm not usually one to share my very favourite places, because I can be a word starting with an S. But now that the fourth member of Scout's staff have asked my name, introduced themselves, learned my coffee order, kept the cold water flowing and been unfailingly delightful - well I feel it's time to share. And when I thought about it, all my favourites, conveniently, have something in common.

When I was in the UK earlier this year, Climpsons was my daily coffee spot and I could hardly be convinced to go anywhere else. Why deviate from awesome? Returning to Brisbane, I thought it would be impossible to match Climps. Ha! Scout happened to be the first place I tested out. Great coffee, cool interiors and the hidden element: awesome reading material including my must-read Lucky Peach. Oh yeah, they also do seriously good food. My faves are the smashed avocado with grilled kaiserfleische and their delicious homemade pies with relish. Since I quit sugar I haven't tried it, but there's an awesome looking peanut butter brownie too.

Swampdog also starts with an S and has to be one of Brisbane's best spots for a relaxed dinner. Someone needed to revolutionise the fish and chips market and they have taken the Friday night favourite and made it modern, sustainable and well-presented. I adore the grilled octopus, the barramundi with basil pesto and of course, the homemade lemonade which is on-tap for all customers. Swampdog also has pretty decent reading material. Maybe that's the tell?

And then there's Sourced Grocer. I find myself constantly frequenting their shop because they stock my holy trinity of Pandelyssi Haloumi, Pepe Saya Butter and Barambah Yoghurt. Now that I think about it, I may need to review my dairy intake, but kudos to their knowledgeable grocer for the extensive range of quality local produce. They run a stylish cafe too, but despite the great options, I always go back to the smoked salmon and creme fraiche on sourdough and the green juice. The creativity doesn't stop at the food though: one staff member recently wrote my name as 'Pheebee'. Haha, I dig it.

Anyway, S seems to be where it's at. Scout, Swampdog, Sourced Grocer. Sensational.

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