Northey Street City Farm, Brisbane

posted on: Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kale, cabbage and morning glory from the Northey Street City Farm Markets

There are some times when the measurement of food miles just doesn't cut it. Case in point: when you see Product of Chile on your fruit and the mind boggles about the journey they took to get to you and the freezers they've lived in. But then there are the times when you don't need too much imagination. One of those places is the Sunday Markets at Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane where a mere unit of metres will suffice. 

The greens I buy at the Northey Street Permaculture stall near the Chai Cafe at the markets have travelled 0.0018 miles to get to me. That's three metres. Each week they sell the greens freshly cut from their garden behind the stall: the longest asparagus you've ever seen, cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, fresh herbs, edible flowers and bush lemons. A bunch of greens generally costs a standard three dollars and you can see exactly where it's come from, that it's organic, that it is fresh. No guess work about industrial freezers and month long waiting periods before it gets to your mouth. 

And let me tell you not only can you feel virtuous, you can also definitely taste the difference. I had the asparagus with a squeeze of the bush lemon and a sprinkle of rock salt, and the morning glory thrown in with some butter and garlic. Eating your greens has never been so delicious. The asparagus was so long and so sublime I keep asking after it each Sunday, hoping it will miraculously come back in season. 

Friends and I get up most Sunday mornings to go the the outdoor Northey Street Grass Roots Yoga class, which is run by gold coin donation and is honestly worth the trip in itself, and then hit up the permaculture stall to get first dibs on the greens! Waking up early ain't that fun, but after a bout of yoga and some locally-grown, organic greens you can feel super smug for all the right reasons!

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