The Little Sage

posted on: Friday, 8 November 2013

Sage using sage, geddit?

I've long been a fan of The Little Sage blog written by Helen Thomas and, in some unexpected synchronicity, today I appear on it!

Helen is psychic. Though she is clear on the distinction between being pyschic and 'a pyschic'. Her coaching and intuition insights come with a waiting list that stretches for months. In short, she is clever and highly in demand.

Earlier this year I had a reading with Helen and she saw me researching many food-related issues: organic food, farming, the effect of food on the body. When I got home that day I glanced at the books piled on my bedside table and did a double take, there was Alice Waters The Edible Schoolyard Project, David Gillespie's Sweet Poison, Michael Pollan's Food Rules. Hmmm, looks like that was what I was already doing - I just hadn't realised it!

So today on The Little Sage, is an interview about how and where I work as a food writer, as well as a few little serendipitous occasions I have had following my gut!

P.s. And in further synchronicity, The Little Sage has already been mentioned a number of times on this very blog, including these interviews: The Fixer and The Daily Morag!

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