The Iron Ladies Waffles

posted on: Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sweet and savoury waffles with BlackStar Coffee

Added bonus: this menu will get you up to date with the members of Norway's Royal Family

The Iron Ladies are not Margaret Thatcher-devotees, but two guys wielding iron waffle makers who pop up at Brisbane's coolest coffee spots to deliver traditional Norwegian-style waffles. There seems to be a lot of love for the waffle out there because within one minute of liking The Iron Ladies facebook page, a friend of mine texted me to see if we could go to their pop up at BlackStar Coffee in West End the next day. As the Norwegian's say, Ja!

Run by Rhys and Christian, two Brisbane-based filmmakers, the guys cultivated a love of waffles after living in Norway. As such, the menu is an ode to Norway's royal family and offers combinations as eccentric as they are. King Harald teams Norwegian Brown Cheese with Raspberry Sauce, while the Queen Sonja comes with a tart Sour Cream and Raspberry pairing. My waffle-enthusiastic friend opted for the Mette Marit named after the newest, and most controversial, addition to the royal family. The former drug-addict-turned-princess option gets you banana with hazelnut sauce. Though straying from the royal-theme I went with the Mr Streaky with bacon and cheddar.

While The Iron Ladies have regular spots such as The Odyssey Project in Milton each Friday, it's best to check out their facebook page to scout exactly where they'll be. And while you may equate waffles with a more wintery breakfast, Rhys assures me that they work as an amazing hangover cure perfect for the summer silly season.

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