The Breakfast Club

posted on: Friday, 17 January 2014

Organic bacon, grilled mushrooms, broccolini and parmesan

Quinoa, rocket, beetroot mash, almonds and mung beans

Almond butter, a good old boiled egg and salad fresh from the garden

Bacon, broccolini, feta and pepita pie

Grilled cuca sardines and grilled capsicum

The Daily Morag and I started sending each other snaps of our breakfasts ironically. As in, social media is clogged with eons of food pics to the point of exhaustion. But the funny thing is, the more we did it the more we loved it. And after we both read Vogue UK health writer's food diary, our daily swap became a competitive sport in terms of who could out-health the other's breakfast. My poached egg with wilted kale, was matched with cavolo nero, pepitas and sweet potato mash and on it went. So in the spirit of oversharing, here are a couple of our pics! 

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