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posted on: Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I advise myself to iron my clothes

Quote from TheWriting

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I noticed during a bit of spring cleaning the other day that when I clean things up, I make a much bigger, more overwhelming mess, before it all comes into streamlined order. Every time. It occurred to me that 2013 was a messy year: I decided to quit my job, I travelled the world with no plan, no fixed address and limited belongings. I started this blog, but had no real plan for it. And then I returned home to Australia causing more mess. Where should I live, where should I work, what should I do? But! The good news is that means that 2014 is when things are coming into order. (Right?)
When I was in Sydney a few weeks ago, I met the incredible Tania Debono. Last year she decided to follow her love of typography and created Thewriting Instagram account. Fast forward a year and she has a lazy 50,000 followers including P.Diddy, Jennifer Hawkins and Kimmy K. She writes up cheeky quotes in her cool handwriting and recently she posted: 'Follow your own advice!' Which reminded me that last year The Little Sage actually asked me for my own advice. So, in the spirit of following my own advice in 2014, here is an excerpt from the interview!
Who are you, how old are you and what do you do?
I’m Phoebe Grealy, I’m 31 and I packed in the corporate world, went travelling and ended up creating the food blog Food*Style. So far I’ve milked cows in Cork, been to a five-hour feast in Florence, interviewed Jamie Oliver’s favourite cake maker and eaten a whole lot of vegemite in Brisbane cafes. I did draw the line at eating a duck foetus in Hanoi though.
How important is listening to your intuition?
In one of my blog posts I talk about how I was walking along the street past a bookshop in Berlin when I literally felt a physical jolt to turn back around and go inside. Why? I can’t read German! When I was inside I found what I now consider to be my all time favourite book.
In a similar way, when I was mulling over whether to quit my job and go travelling, I met with a colleague who, very unexpectedly, said go for it. After the meeting, I felt so energized and my skin was buzzing in a way that I had never experienced before. My body was telling me very clearly what to do! I haven’t looked back and I try to listen to my body/intuition all the time now.
What are your top five tips?
1. Make the activities you love part of your everyday. For me, that’s walking or swimming, reading, writing, taking time to cook and doing something helpful for family or friends.

2. Balance consuming media, blogs, magazines with developing your own opinions and sharing your own work.

3. Identify a ‘creative family tree’ and surround yourself with inspiring people or writers who align to your intellectual take on things. For me, I follow Sarah WilsonZen HabitsGarance Dorecharity:waterThe Daily Morag and The Little Sage.

4. Choose a creative outlet that consumes you and keep practicing it.

5. Set high expectations of yourself.

Bonus tip (!): In terms of food, I like healthy, quality food, from local markets or local farms and I am very interested in knowing the origin of my food, how it’s grown and delivered. I also try not to waste food, use plastic water bottles, takeaway cups or plastic bags.

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