Garden Variety

posted on: Monday, 3 February 2014

Ranga the farm cat, passionfruit flowers, a pot of beans, new shoots and rows of lettuce

In 2014 I'm going the full salad. That is, I want to grow all the greens I eat in salad each day from seed. I've planted native beans, lettuce, kale, capsicum and cucumber and it's all going swimmingly so far thanks to the 50+ years my grandfather put into creating the world's best soil in my garden.

For salad dressing I have lemon and limes and I've added a few handy herbs: basil, dill, coriander.  Or if I'm going for the fruit salad variety, there's  mulberries, figs, passionfruit and a fledgling paw paw tree. I don't need to mention that they all taste so sublime when compared to supermarket varieties. Viva la green thumb!

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