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posted on: Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Up early to get the latest issue of The Collective Magazine

Robert Pekin and an unruly bunch of Food Connect legends 

As featured in The Collective

Mischievous, unruly, fiercely passionate, mad*. Food Connect's creator Robert Pekin is also a damn compelling interview subject. Not content with posting about him once, I also wrote a much longer article for my favourite magazine, The Collective. And, it's out now! 

I was interested in Food Connect because, like many people, I wanted to be more connected with how food gets to us. I don't find it acceptable to buy oranges picked by peasant farmers in Latin America, or that have been shipped in containers and held for months in cold storage. So, I shouldn't buy them! I love that Food Connect is an opportunity to vote with our wallets about the kind of produce we want. I know I want fruit and vegetables that are fresh and in season, that are from around Brisbane, from farmers who are paid a fair price. Ultimately, we can blame the system but there's the opportunity to be educated and take responsibility too.

I hope you can read the article above, or better still get your hands on a copy of The Collective! Huge thanks to Robert and the Food Connect crew for taking the time to chat with me: you are even cooler and more inspirational than I could have imagined!

* His description, not mine!

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