The Log Cabin, Mavis's Kitchen

posted on: Monday, 24 March 2014

Chilling out on the verandah, getting my yoga on and indulging in a delicious local breakfast 

In an episode of Sex and The City, the highly-strung Miranda is persuaded to go to a remote log cabin for her honeymoon. Far from being relaxed in the off-the-grid location, she hilariously spends all her time waiting for Steve to fall asleep so she can race outside to find a wifi signal and check her email. With my sister The Daily Morag visiting Australia to take a few weeks off from her party-centric East London lifestyle, we decided to take a chilled-out Australian weekend at one of the most relaxing destinations out there, Mavis's Kitchen near Byron Bay. But, truth be told, I was secretly concerned we may have a few Miranda-style moments. 

Over the years I've visited Mavis's Kitchen as my go-to for a languid weekend lunch. The lunches have always been heavenly, relaxing, delicious and long, but ultimately always require a two-hour drive home which can break the vibe. Luckily, Mavis's also has three gorgeous options for staying a little longer: a Farm House, an Old Dairy, and Log Cabin each with their own unique charm.  It's surrounded by greenery everywhere you look and is a short walk along a winding road, over a bubbling brook, to get to Mt Warning. (Disclaimer: the walk up the mountain is pretty damn hard, and requires pulling yourself up a chain for a few hundred metres at the top. Just sayin'.)

The rustic Log Cabin got our vote for its exposed wooden beams, luxurious bedding, and ample space with a large wraparound verandah. It was so amazing to have time to sit overlooking the eucalypts, read a book and drink numerous cups of Earl Grey tea.  As we sat outside listening to the sound of crickets, an afternoon storm rolled in. Boom! Quintessential Australian scene. Within minutes the rain on the tin roof lulled me into a meditative state and just like that, I was asleep. 

Having visited my fair share of destinations in the past year, I can say that it's not just the actual place that creates a relaxing experience, but the whole process. Have you ever stayed somewhere stunning only to have it ruined by rude service or a random, complicated check in process? Not so here. Organising our stay with Patrick was lovely, efficient and stress-free. And adding to the whole feeling of ease, the room was stocked with a full breakfast including creamy butter, fresh eggs, rashers of local bacon, jams and juice. 

As for my concerns about detoxing from 24/7 connectivity, did I catch my sister roaming the property searching for a 4G connection so she could get on Pinterest? Ah, no. But that's because there is wifi. But honestly, after sitting on the verandah with a cup of tea as the storm rolled in or walking around the grounds past all of the herbs in the extensive kitchen garden or watching ducks waddling past and kookaburras in the trees - there's really nothing better to do than forget about Facebook and constantly responding to emails and texts, and just truly relax. And that was seconded by The Daily Morag who said she hasn't had a better sleep in over a year.

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