Autumn in Tasmania

posted on: Monday, 26 May 2014

A laden pomegranate tree

It may be a brisk five degrees outside with an expanse of grey sky, but it's all the better to show off the stunning autumnal colour palette going on in Hobart right now. Leaving Brisbane in the midst of a summer resurgence, it's great to be somewhere that has the full depth of a new season even if it is a shock to be wearing a beanie woollen jumper a day after wearing shorts and a singlet.

Hobart's autumnal colour palate

And again

Tasmanian grey skies

I got the memo: russet red is in

 If I could sum up what I've seen of Hobart so far it's heritage houses and brick workers cottages, russet red and golden leaves, the most incredible gardens and fruit trees, and a produce-driven hipster food scene. More on that later, but here are some happy snaps I took out and about in the Apple Isle.

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