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posted on: Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The People's Kitchen at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Better than a library

Paolo and Marcus checking out their joint beehive on top of Bunker Coffee

Space invaders: the 3m x 3m Bunker Coffee in Milton fits in a coffee shop and a rooftop garden

Someone knows what they're doing: Yeronga State High School's prolific garden

The giant YSHS pumpkins I tried to pass off as my own on Instagram

I love coming across places where people do things a little differently. And these gardens are intriguing models of collaboration, not competition. 

Next to the most successful art exhibition of the London summer, I came across the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden that makes sharing an art. Not only a community garden and a green hang out space for locals, it also offers a pizza night every Sunday using garden ingredients for anyone who wants in. The potato and rosemary, grilled pumpkin and pine nuts, and tomato and basil pizzas took my fancy. Suggested donation = 2 quid. 

Would-be competitors, Marcus from Bunker Coffee on Railway Terrace and Paolo from 2 Wheels and a Handlebar, have gone one better and teamed up on a joint garden with winning results. In a maximum use of space, the garden is on top of the already tiny 3m x 3m Bunker and houses micro-herbs and a swarm of bees that travel up to 5km each day and come back and make them delicious honey which they share (Marcus and Paolo that is, not the bees!)

What makes a successful school? Is it academic grades, state of the art facilities? If the garden is anything to go by, Yeronga State High School is prolific, boasting one of the most well-managed school gardens I've ever seen. There's enough corn, cucumbers, basil, beans and lettuce to feed an army of students. Not to mention pumpkins so large it could create a winter's worth of delicious pumpkin soup!

'Share the wealth, that's what I always say!' Word, Homer Simpson. 

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