Graeme Twine

posted on: Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Graeme hanging in the park

He has made a career out of sourcing the most interesting produce for the best chefs around Brisbane and Australia including the likes of Urbane, Beccofino and Sourced Grocer. Graeme Twine is also the first person I've interviewed who has suggested meeting in a park!  I first came across him via instagram where his account is a catalogue of the most interesting and unusual fruits and vegetables: grey ghost mushrooms, yellow raspberries, velvet apples, rainbow radishes and honey ants all feature.

While there's time to chill out in parks and dine at some great restaurants as part of his work day, that's because he's up at 3am at the Brisbane Markets and, like a commodities trader, checking in with markets around Australia and overseas to see what's in season. In a day, he might call in chanterelles from France, crickets from Byron Bay and new season horse radish from Victoria. The main focus, however, is on the relationships he builds locally and he has a group of 30 farmers he works with to provide the bulk of the produce his company Suncoast Fresh supplies to over 200 businesses.

Rainbow radishes

Raspberries from the Sunshine Coast

Grey ghost mushrooms

Chatting to Graeme brought up lots of interesting things, but I have to admit, most statements were followed with 'don't publish that!' Well what can I publish Graeme?! Luckily he is cool guy with great taste, which makes him perfect for the Food*Style Q&A. Here are his top picks. Gracias Graeme!

Food*Style Q&A
Best coffee and tea? 
I like a Flat White and peppermint tea.

What exercise do you do? 
Bikram Yoga.

Favourite place/city?
Bellagio and Lake Como in Italy, and Queenstown in New Zealand.

Style icons?
An average Joe Blow looking after his family is the most stylish guy there is.

Favourite place to eat in Brisbane? In the world?
A little place called Sea Circus in Bali and Esquire in Brisbane.

Favourite flowers?
Borage flowers, because they're both poisonous and beautiful.

What is your guilty wardrobe secret?
I have a woollen jumper with patches on the sleeves which I cannot throw out.

What is your guilty pantry secret?
Milo...don't tell anyone.

Where would I find you hanging out in Brisbane?
Haha where I met you: pretty much in parks!

Cats or dogs?

Must have interiors item at home?
I don't really know what this means...what? bed! No, make that a hammock!

Can you cook?
Yes I can.

Favourite blogs?
Wandering Cooks and yours, but I don't really do blogs!

Poisonous and pretty: a blue borage flower

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