Burnham Beeches

posted on: Friday, 15 August 2014

Once a piggery, now the Burnham Beeches Piggery Cafe

Shannon Bennett bought the (apparently haunted) 23ha Burnham Beeches complex, once owned by a pharmaceutical magnate and adjacent to the Sherbrooke Forest about 45 minutes east of Melbourne, with the grand vision of turning the property into boutique accommodation, and a cattle farm, and a truffle orchard and a vineyard. But first cab off the rank in the ambitious plan is the Burnham Beeches Bakery and Piggery Cafe.

Even though Piggery Cafe was once, well, a piggery, the transformation has been complete. The deep olive green paint work and burnished brass fittings add a sophisticated air to the once rustic warehouse.  But it's still a place where customers cosily hang their jackets and scarves on hooks as they walk in the door and sit at cosy, relaxed communal style tables. 

Part of the extensive Burnham Beeches property

The Piggery Cafe, about 100m from Sherbrooke Forest, is quite chilly, which is why no-one is outside!
Lobster on a feather light brioche

The food too appears simple and casual, but with a high quality twist. The delicious lobster roll I had was on a feather light brioche and the hot chocolate was made on rich Valrhona couverture. Like the food suggests, it might be just a little too finessed to be a true country cafe, but I'm all for melding the best of city dining in a country setting. Which is probably why there was a full crowd of people who had also taken the time to drive there on a weekday.

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