Pooh-poohing politics

posted on: Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Little Tony Voodoos in Tasmania

It's not often that I get political on this blog, but on recent wanderings around Australia I've noticed a  creative crop of political protests. A few months ago in the fabulous town of Cygnet in Tasmania, home to the Gourmet Farmer's Fat Pig Farm and the equally fabulous Lotus Eaters Cafe, I met a lady who was selling the Little Tony Voodoo Dolls: providing relief to anyone who got done over in the Federal Budget.

Tony dog **** in Daylesford

I was tempted because a significant amount of savings I had earmarked for a house deposit was due to mature last month, but Tony is now holding on to that until 1 July 2015. Thanks. But let's file that under #firstworldproblems. There's been more pressing do-overs in welfare, asylum seekers, gay marriage, the environment and the list goes on. But I digress.

While chilling out in the beautiful spa town of Daylesford last week, I took a relaxing walk around the beautiful lake, until something stopped me in my tracks. Someone had printed mini loopy-faced Tony flags and plonked them in every pile of dog do-do along the track. The message? Things aren't looking good for Tony, but Aussie's are certainly a creative bunch and definitely give a shit.

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