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posted on: Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wattle they think of next?

Smells like Australian summer

When I was in Daylesford recently, I drove to the nearby town of Newstead to check out one of those whispered word-of-mouth wedding venues for some friends. The venue, Butterland, is inside the old Newstead butter factory.

The owners, Greg Hatton who makes incredible handmade furniture and his partner Katie Marx, were doing up the factory for themselves, when they found that people started requesting it as a wedding venue. So now they host weddings there every so often too! Katie mentioned she is sometimes asked to do the flowers for the weddings and gave me her instagram details to check out her work. Um, amazing!

She forages native plants, flowers and foliage and grows some of her own flowers to create her inspired table settings. She was so casual and humble that she didn't mention that she also does the flowers for a whole host of amazing food and fashion clients in Melbourne: Vue De Monde, Joost Bakker, Cumulus Inc, Jac + Jack, Kinfolk and the list goes on.

Anyway, I'm obsessed! Fabulous to meet you Greg and Katie!

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