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posted on: Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ah-maize-ing corn colours

I've been getting a bit experimental at Salisbury Grange (aka my garden). And the most surprising result of late is the most amazing maize that has produced cherry red, maroon, deep purple and sunflower yellow kernels! You can't beat nature for spectacular hues and colour combinations. I've spied some equally sensational colours from Mother Nature's palette on Instagram from inventive growers around Australia and the US. A huge thanks to the king of colour, Mr Rudy Bell, for inspiring the descriptions below!

Chef Sean Moran's blushing homegrown roses from his garden in the Blue Mountains

Shades of sunlight in this box of citrus from Madstone Farm 

Stunning violet petals courtesy of the Verbena Florist Farm in California

Buttery blades of grass at the Lucy Margaux biodynamic vineyard in South Australia

Metallic emerald insect on sage captured by Provenance Growers in Tasmania

The Observer's Allan Jenkins' kaleidoscopic pearl beauties

Electric purple artichoke from the Sunningdale Farm Kitchen on the Flerieu Peninsula

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