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posted on: Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Put a smile on your dial: hot coffee in freezing New York snow

The Daily Morag (aka my sister) was just on assignment at New York Fashion Week taking street style snaps of the likes of Olivia Palermo, Zanita WhittingtonLouise Roe and Gigi Hadid. No big deal... Whatever. But when temperatures dropped below freezing to -16C this gal's survival instincts kicked in and she quickly forgot fashion in favour of finding a toasty cup of joe. Luckily for us, TDM turned her lens to some of New York's finest fashion week cawfee stops. Here's her edit. Thanks chick! Over to you...

The mini paparazzo herself, Morag Grealy, at The Standard Hotel

For a country famed for its bottomless Americano refills out of a percolator at the corner store, there's some pretty rad coffee happening in New York right now. There's so much to be said for the Soho/NoLita/Chinatown hoods of the Lower East Side alone, and coffee-wise it's on target with three of the best. My tip? Freezing is not fashionable, so save these in your Google Maps stat!

Saturdays Surf NYC, 31 Crosby St, SoHo
Owned by Australians serving coffee next to longboards, this is definitely the place to escape the NYC chill and enjoy some surfer hospitality. While it was snow covered for my visit, the outdoor courtyard must be a whole different surfer scene in the summertime!

Happy Bones, 394 Broome St, Little Italy
Good service, good coffee, good looking. This cafĂ© is owned by New Zealanders who know how to roast and pour. Open from 7am to 7pm, if you're shopping or shooting in the hood, their stellar brew is on hand all day long.

The Smile at Shinola, 177 Franklin St, TriBeCa
When the weather looks like the Artic outside, The Smile at Shinola will put a smile on your dial! With its dim lighting and plentiful newstand, this cosy nook inside the Shinola concept store is one step away from being a log cabin with the fire burning.

Laughing locals, lattes and longboards at Saturdays Surf NYC

I'm dreaming of a white courtyard: snow-covered Saturdays Surf NYC in February

Happy Bones shop front in NoLita

Cawfee and cookies at Happy Bones

Show stopping Shinola in TriBeCa

Cosy atmos inside The Smile at Shinola

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