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posted on: Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Schnitzer Campo oat roller

Oats a la myself, with a side of tarragon and psychedelic tablecloth

Joost Bakker (image: Peter Barrett) with a hilarious note on his hand

When inimitable no-waste guru/foodie/florist Joost Bakker was recently interviewed for The Australian Magazine, he mentioned that he loves his Schnitzer oat roller so much that he even travels with it. What?! But as a recent owner of my own oat roller, I'm noticing the beginnings of a roll your own craze.

Joost is devoted because he believes that freshly rolled oats are the original superfood: when rolled fresh, they contain over 25 vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy natural oils (this is unlike supermarket varieties that burn the oils off to increase their shelf life). The designer of the Schnitzer oat roller is one Dr Johann Schnitzer, a German dentist who noticed people in one town he treated had no cavities. He undertook research and linked their remarkable health back to the fact that they stone milled the grains in their diets. And so he created his own rollers to do the same.

While Joost advocates it and millions of families in Germany roll their oats every day, it's a trend that seems to be just now emerging among the best cafes and restaurants in Australia. I've seen house-rolled oats at the newly-opened Gauge in Brisbane, stone-milled rye and wheat used in the divine breads of The Baker's Duck in Toowoomba and Joost's own broth cafe Brothl in Melbourne.

For those who see the health benefit in knowing how to roll your own oats, it's super easy. You simply pop the oats into the funnel at the top of the roller and and turn the handle, et voila, it takes less than 30 seconds to roll a bowl. You can eat them straight away or I like to soak mine in buttermilk overnight and add grilled peaches in the morning. Delicious. I should mention that I found the hardest part was working out where to buy unrolled oats (groats) in Brisbane! I bought mine from Kialla Pure Foods via Willow at Sourced Grocer (thank you!) For around $6/kilo, they're a delicious health and financial prospect, even including the cost of the roller.

If you'd like to try some oats freshly rolled oats, but you're not quite ready to get on the roll your own bandwagon, you know who to ask!

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