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Hello and welcome to Food*Style! I started this blog in 2013 and my About Me takes a bit of a trip down memory lane...

'Can I borrow $20?' I put in the call to my younger brother.

Even though I was 25 and had recently started my first full-time professional job, and hence had the most money I'd ever had, this was a semi-regular occurrence.

'Sure, what for?'

'To buy some groceries,' I explained. 'I'll pay you back tomorrow.'

'No problem. What's for dinner?' 

'Oh, ' I said enthusiastically. 'I'm making this amazing baked salmon with roasted fennel and lemon, and then a divine strawberry galette for dessert!'

Cue stupefied silence.

'You've run out of money and that's what you're having on a Tuesday night? Has it ever occurred to you that you wouldn't have any money worries if you didn't buy all these artisan ingredients?!'

I paused for a second. 'No,' I replied honestly. Then we both started laughing uproariously. And that's when I realised that eating well was kinda important to me.

Fast forward a few years and a slightly better understanding of budgeting, I've come to food writing from a love of eating. I can cook reasonably well but this isn't a blog about recipes. What I am good at though is reading everything in sight and going the extra mile on the chance that I might discover something new and interesting. So, on this blog you will find the places in Australia and abroad that I have found that I would strongly recommend to my family and close friends.

I don't really go for fancy or expensive: I like quality ingredients, simplicity executed well, produce that has been selected thoughtfully, and something a little clever.

Recently, I have become very interested in investigating where food comes from and how it is grown and delivered. The people I most admire include thought leaders: Joost Bakker who's cleverly created a zero waste cafe, Michael Reynolds a renegade who designs off-the-grid houses out of recycled material, Alice Waters who pioneered edible education in America, and Ruth Reichl the best food writer there is.

Finally, my favourite food is vegemite, my favourite meal is breakfast and my favourite cook is my friend Kristina. For more details check out the selected stories below. Oh and my favourite person to bankroll my eating habits is still my brother ;)

Yours in eating and writing!
Phoebe xx

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